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  • Experts in the field
  • Responsible professionals and we understand the importance of safety requirements
  • We deliver our project which offer cost effective solutions to our clients.
  • We provide a house removal service to all of Central Queensland
  • We hold all the correct insurances for your house to be safely insured while in transit and being unloaded from our trailers.
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House Raising

House Raising and Restumping

Affordable House Raising and Restumping

House raising and restumping is a serious task. Buildings, houses, and other such structures may at one point require being raised. This is a task that should be only carried out by a competent, qualified person

Jie is the person to contact.

What is involved in raising your home?

  • Estimate / quote
  • Collect all required paperwork ,engineering plans ,soil test approvals
  • Disconnection of services to allow home to go up
  • Hydraulic lifting plants and jacks in place to raise home
  • House lowered onto new post
  • Reconnection of services


How does home raising work?

Raising a house is an impressive engineering feat that requires careful preparation and execution. The process involves several steps:

Let's do the numbers.

You have a vision, but how feasible is it? Let’s run the numbers together. Meet with us today.


Jie Wood House Removers Rockhampton and Yeppoon will come to your home to discuss your house removal requirements. If you are looking for a sound, timely advice in the requirements of shifting your home, you will deal directly with the house relocation specialist. removalist and within your budget, then contact Jie on 0487 030 700

House Removalists Rockhampton - Expert Advice and quality job.

Jie Wood House Removers

Highest quality materials
We only use the best quality materials and equipment for the completion of any work in both industrial and residential areas. The entire team at Jie Wood House Removers Rockhampton is highly trained to achieve the best possible outcome. We are a family owned business. We take pride in our work.
Skilled labour
Jie Wood House Removers, based in Rockhampton, is well known in the Rockhampton and Central Queensland area We provide Central Queensland with the best skilled labour for house removal raising and lowering restumping demolition services.
State of the art machinery.
Jie Wood House Removers use specialised hydraulic lifting trailers and jacking plants. Having the correct equipment allows us to complete our work safely, be time efficient and with minimal costs to our clients. No job is too big or too small. We offer a professional service from start to finish.
Efficient and Cost Effective Service
We offer professional house removal, raising and restumping service at a fair price. Through our quick reliable services, we can meet all of your needs, by handling all works or alternately working in with you allowing you to do what you can to minimise your costs.

Jie Wood House Removers ensure from the time we take your project on until completion our experts will keep you abreast with all procedures during the process.

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